Mark Vito in investigation against him: "Do not shut me up"

The husband of Keiko Fujimori, Marco Vito Villanella, said Friday that "it will not be silenced" with the preparatory investigations for money laundering that this week has opened the public ministry.

He said that "the intention" behind this investigation is to "shut him up and put him in jail".

"They involved me in this political case with one purpose: lock me up and put me in jail," he said from the balcony of Fuerza Popular's store on Paseo Colón when he concluded a march to support Keiko Fujimori. "I tell them: they will not silence me," he added.

Marco Vito Villanella He noted that his "curriculum" was used as a basis for investigating him. He observed, in this sense, that he did not commit any crime and that if "loving his wife" is his crime, then "he is guilty".

"Friends, that [que investiga la fiscalía] It is not a crime, so I ask you: what is my crime? Do you love my wife? If this is my crime, I'll be the first to tell them that I'm guilty because I love my wife, "he said.

This Wednesday, the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez ordered to formalize a 'preparatory investigation against her husband Keiko Fujimori for the alleged crime of money laundering.


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