Marko saw Verstappen teach a lesson to Pérez, ‘Honda aims for deal with Aston Martin’ | GP Fans Recap

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In the meantime, the storm around the Grand Prix of Miami has subsided a bit, but of course there are still a few things to discuss. Helmut Marko indicated that the relationships within Red Bull Racing have become clear again after the race in Florida. In addition, the message came out that Honda would consider a collaboration with Aston Martin.

Marko about relationships within Red Bull after Verstappen Miami victory: “It was always clear”

Helmut Marko says that Max Verstappen taught everyone, including teammate Sergio Pérez, a lesson in Miami last Sunday. According to the Austrian, it is therefore clear how the mutual relationships are. Verstappen started the race at the Miami International Autodrome from ninth after suffering a late red flag during qualifying on Saturday following Charles Leclerc’s crash. Read more? Click here!

‘Honda has arrows aimed at cooperation with Aston Martin from 2026’

The Japanese Honda was still looking for a suitable partner from the 2026 season and it seems to have ended up with Aston Martin, sources report to The Race. Although the engine manufacturer has a good relationship with Red Bull Racing, the Austrian team has opted for Ford from the new engine regulations, so Honda had to look for a new customer. Read more? Click here!

Russell wants to talk to FIA about tension in F1: “Time to take the next step”

George Russell has once again made it clear that he wants to see rule changes from the FIA ​​to make Formula 1 more exciting, both in races and in general. According to the Briton, this can be done in several ways. Russell beat team-mate Lewis Hamilton in his head-to-head battle with his compatriot last year, but couldn’t get close to Red Bull’s two cars. This year there was hope at Mercedes that this would happen, but the gap has actually only gotten bigger. Read more? Click here!

Kelly Piquet enjoys the day after Verstappen victory on the beach in Miami

Kelly Piquet took it easy the day after Max Verstappen took victory at the Miami International Autodrome. After they had put the flowers outside that evening, the Brazilian girlfriend of the Dutchman enjoyed the day after on the beach of the famous Florida city. Read more? Click here!

Verstappen responds to Alonso’s compliments during the race towards Stroll: “Life coach”

Fernando Alonso has been described by Max Verstappen as a ‘life coach’ after the race weekend in Miami. Verstappen said this after Alonso showed a remarkable ability to focus not only on his own race, but also that of his teammate Lance Stroll. Read more? Click here!

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