“Markus Lanz”: Frank Elstner talks about his Parkinson's disease


TV column “Markus Lanz”: “I only ever played Frank Elstner”: Moderator talks to Lanz about Parkinson's

Up to 23 million people once watched the presenter of “Wetten, dass …?”. Now the 77-year-old talks about Parkinson's and his life with the disease. And he confesses his life's lie: “I've always only played Frank Elstner.” Markus Lanz suspects that this effort has made him sick. And is surprised at the end of his mission with a terrible invitation.

Big steps are easy. Big steps can be accomplished even while sitting. That's the way it is with Frank Elstner. The presenter sits in the Thursday talk with “Markus Lanz”. He grabs the glass of water with his left hand. “I can drink from it,” he says into the cameras. And he adds, “With the right hand, I would have slapped now.”

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The trembling of the two hands is no longer to be overlooked. Now Frank Elstner has made it public. The inventor of the hit TV show “Wetten, dass …?” Has Parkinson's. The 77-year-old tells it very calmly. “I have that thing,” he says. “Like 200,000 colleagues. Now I belong to it. ”

The first symptoms he felt five years ago. Three years ago he received the diagnosis. Nothing will be better, many things will get worse. The development describes Frank Elstner remarkably simple: “One is, if one is honest, today no more like yesterday.”

Dementia? “I've always earned well with stupid-talking stuff”

Elstner can not assess where his life will change. He has learned that the disease is definitely different. “Dementia can come,” he knows. “The only real fear I have is that someday I'll talk stupid stuff.”

The star moderator loosens up this bitter sentence the next moment with a subordinate clause: “But I've always earned good money with it.” However, he adds very seriously: “The fear is huge. But I try to box her aside. “But he also says,” I'm so grateful to God for the life I lead. “

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Five children of four women? “The whole is not free”

Frank Elstner has obviously boxed a lot in life. His recipe for life? “Diligence.” Ever since he had flown through the A-levels as the only student in his high school, and thus had lost his lifelong dream of studying drama, he had decided to be diligent.

He has five children of four women, and he has learned: “The whole thing is not in vain.” So he had to work out the ease for his TV appearances. “You have to define your role,” he reveals, “as a moderator I played the audience.” His recipe for success: “That you put the guests in the center and do not tell too much about yourself.”

At this point, moderator colleague Markus Lanz might not have just been listening to the attentive listener. In the end, Frank Elstner pronounces the very big and rather terrible invitation: “You can show me off every two years.”

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Elstner confronts Böhmermann with his criticism – and gives him TV lesson:


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