Marlaska asks "political consensus" to avoid alarmism among citizens due to the jihadist threat

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This afternoon Fernando Grande-Marlaska sought allies in the representatives of the political parties to manage the delicate situation imposed by the war between Israel y Hamas. Fernando Grande-Marlaska has used the meeting he called yesterday to ask for calm, cooperation and to try to remove the alarmism that has been unleashed in recent days. In the opinion of the acting Minister of the Interior, “the political and social consensus of a country is one of its strongest strengths.” Thus, he has asked for “responsibility and a sense of state” to avoid messages that generate “distrust or unnecessary alarmism” in citizens.

Spain can trust that its Security Forces are putting all the means and capabilities at their disposal to guarantee the security of all Spaniards,” he emphasized. Marlaska chaired a meeting this Friday with the representatives of the parliamentary groups, after last Tuesday, anti-terrorist experts will agree to reinforce level 4 out of 5 of anti-terrorist alert with complementary measures due to the current situation and after the attacks perpetrated in Brussels y France.

The meeting, which lasted just over two hours, was attended by the spokespersons of all the parliamentary groups except for ERC, due to scheduling problems, although Interior sources have confirmed that Marlaska has spoken by telephone with Gabriel Rufián. He has come for the PP Cuca Gamarra; for the PSOE, Patxi Lopez; by VOX, María José Rodríguez; by Sumar, José María Guijarro; by Together, Joseph María Cruset; by EH Bildu, Jon Iñárritu; by the PNV, Mikel Legarda; and for the Mixed Group, Cristina Valido of the Canarian Coalition.

The acting Minister of the Interior has stressed that the security forces are vigilant to act against “radicalization” and messages that promote Islamophobia, anti-Semitism or racism, in addition to those hoaxes that generate misinformation.

The Popular Party, for its part, requests the acting minister to convene the Monitoring Commission of the Anti-Jihadist Pact after the complementary measures of level 4 of anti-terrorist alert have been reinforced. The spokesperson for the ‘popular’ in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, pointed out during the meeting that the State Pact against Anti-jihadist Terrorism is fully in force and has demanded that Grande-Marlaska convene the Monitoring Commission of that pact “as an instrument to continue addressing the situation we find ourselves in after the decision to reinforce level 4 – out of 5 – of anti-terrorist alert with complementary measures,” PP sources pointed out.

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