Marlaska suspends the Jucil spokesperson from employment and salary for criticizing the amnesty in an interview with EL MUNDO

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He Ministry of Interior has issued a three-month suspension of employment and salary for “very serious misconduct” to the spokesperson of Jucil -the majority association of the Civil Guard- for the interview he gave to THE WORLD on October 31 in which he criticized Pedro Sánchez’s amnesty law. Agustín Leal He defended the Constitution and questioned future regulations. “We have sworn to defend the Constitution and someone wants to turn it into a dead letter,” he reflected in this newspaper.

“The amnesty violates the principle of equality before the law, and if it were granted, all citizens would no longer be equal. It is something very serious, we would cease to be a rule of law and the decomposition of our democracy would begin,” he added. “The defense of the Constitution is our duty and vocation. That the civil guards defend the Constitution should only worry criminals or those who intend to break the law,” he stated. “We are facing the greatest risk to the freedom of the Spanish people,” Leal concluded.

A few days before being interviewed by this newspaper, Leal criticized the “felony” of the acting president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, defending the amnesty before the Federal Committee of the PSOE. Some demonstrations that earned him the announcement of legal actions by the general director of the Civil Guard Leonardo Marcos.

For this reason, the General Directorate announced that it had given the order to the legal services to study possible disciplinary and legal consequences against Jucil for “breaking the principle of political neutrality” by criticizing the controversial amnesty law.

Fernando Grande-Marlaska extends this ‘punishment’ to two other members of the Armed Institute who belong to the Pro-Civil Guard Association (APROGC for their demonstrations against the amnesty law that the PSOE agreed with Junts and ERC. Both members of APROGC, charged against the amnesty, through a statement, alluding to their oath as soldiers to “shed blood” in defense of Spain and the Constitution.

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