Marlaska warns of the possible "radicalization" in the EU due to the escalation of violence in the Middle East

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The acting Minister of the Interior of Spain, Fernando Grande-Marlaskasaid this Thursday that the situation in the Middle East can lead to “radicalization and polarization” in the European Union and considered it essential to work on a ceasefire.

“Fundamentally, one of the issues that worries us is radicalization, polarization (…) in the context of violence in the Middle East,” he said upon his arrival at a Council of EU Interior Ministers where he will address, in a working lunch, the impact that the situation in that region may have on the internal security of the EU.

Spain, which presides over the EU Council this semester, introduced the issue on the agenda of the ministers’ meeting.

Marlaska insisted on the need to “work the tensionbecause what all these situations can do is, so to speak, promote polarization within our countries.”

“That is why the ceasefire is so important,” Grande-Marlaska insisted.

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