Marlene Montaner inadvertently revealed the sex of the baby that Evaluna and Camilo are expecting

Evaluna Montaner’s mother, Marlena, was giving a note to Ciudad Magazine, talking about her current work project when a comment revealed the sex of the baby that her daughter, Evaluna, is expecting with the singer Camilo.

“We are presenting an organic line of baby clothes, you saw there are some hanging dresses. Since Eva is in a state, I thought how I would like her to dress, “said Ricardo Montaner’s wife, implying that she will have a girl.

After a pause, Marlene tried to correct herself: “How I would like to dress the… baby.” And, between laughs, he added: “I said ‘her’. Eye, it can be a girl.

Regarding the advice she gives her daughter during pregnancy, she said: “The only important thing is to give her as much time as you can.” And in that line, he maintained: “I used to tell her ‘save so that you have enough mattress and when you are a mother you can say ‘I will be two years without separating from my baby'”.

“And if you have to work, let it be a job where you can put your baby like a kangaroo like I did and you can be close to him all the time,” added Marlene.

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