“Married after 9 years of dating”… Oh Eun-young, who is her husband? → Age and children’s eyes – Reporter Yoo Su-yeon

Dr. Oh Eun-young attracted attention by mentioning her husband.

On the 9th, KBS2’s ‘Okay? In ‘Okay!’, Oh Eun-young appeared.

KBS2 ‘Okay? OK!’

On this day’s broadcast, Oh Eun-young surprised Yang Se-hyeong by saying, “I’ve been in a relationship for a long time” and “I dated someone for nearly 9 years.” She then said, “Why did I do that?” She laughed.

Oh Eun-young then confessed, “Since we’ve been dating for a long time, without a proposal, we decided to get married, thinking that we were naturally married.”

Then, “When it’s your wedding anniversary, I tell my husband about it, and then I don’t know what to do,” he advised, “Mr.

Oh Eun-young, 57 this year, said about her husband, “I am Mr. Oh and my husband is Mr. Yoo. Because of my last name, we became class A. We started dating in earnest in the second half of the first year.”

He also mentioned about her husband, “I am a dermatologist,” and said, “He also takes care of my skin. It pulls me a lot and smooths out wrinkles.”

They have one son and are said to be 25 years old this year.
Reporter Su-yeon Yoo [email protected]

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