Married again by requesting the application of 155 … now by cutting the AP-7


Since he came to the presidency of the PP, practically there is no week without Pablo Casado who complains with the PSOE to apply again Article 155 to Catalonia. It does not matter that the Torra government has not skipped the law – the requirement that distinguishes the Constitution to initiate the procedures for the intervention of autonomy – because the popular leader is convinced that it will end up doing so. This Sunday, Married added to his list of reasons to apply the AP7 cut that the CDRs started in the morning. "What else should happen?", He asked for a ceremony in Murcia in which he denounced the "unification" of the Catalan roads. "It has gone hand in hand with the PSOE and with Torra and, therefore, must end this violation of liberties, and must do so by applying Article 155," he reiterated.

The CDR decides to keep the AP-7 cut on the bottle indefinitely

The CDR decides to keep the AP-7 cut on the bottle indefinitely

In recent months, the actions that, for the PP leader, are able to cause the application of 155. In ten days ago, for example, considered the strikes of public workers enough to intervene the Generalitat because it is a government "failed." Also in November, he believed that the paintings of the "fascists of the CUP" against the car of the leader of the PP in Catalonia, Alejandro Fernández – entered his garage and painted a swastika – were enough arguments to resort to the intervention of the government. "This can no longer be tolerated," he said at the time.

Married insists on the application of 155 in Catalonia and the illegitimacy of the parties that "hope =" "the =" "viol ="

Married insists on the application of 155 in Catalonia and on the banning of parties who "await violence"

On all occasions, he affirms that the application of 155 should not be limited to elections, but it would be necessary for the state to take control of the Mossos d'Esquadra, the education, the media, of the Catalan treasury. and penitentiary institutions. Prisons were just one of the topics that he recently exposed in Married to appeal to 155. On October 14 he compared Catalonia with a "narco-stew" and a "dictatorship" for the "privileges" that, in his opinion, They have political prisoners. "How is it possible for Lledoners to have a system of visits, courtyards and telephone? [per als independentistes empresonats] unlike any other precautionary dam just because it comes from the government that runs that prison? This only happens to drug traffickers or dictatorships ", expressed his self-determination from Andalusia.

Married compares Catalonia with a "narcoestat =" "for the =" "of =" "prisoners =" "pol =" "a =" "lledoners ="

Married compares Catalonia with a "narco-stew" for the "privileges" of political prisoners in Lledoners

The support of the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, to the CoR during the commemoration of the first anniversary of the 1st O ("Press, make a great pressure"), the presence of yellow bows in the public space and "the" independentist aquelarre "of the past rally Eleven of September was also in the mouth of the leader of the PP to ask Pedro Sánchez to" put order in Catalonia "and take advantage of the popular majority in the Senate to take direct control of the Catalan institutions. undertakes to do so.


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