Entertainment Married at First Sight: Second Chance will be on...

Married at First Sight: Second Chance will be on TV soon

In Married at First Sight: Second Chance do old MAFScandidates Milly, Marcel and Maxime a new throw at love. The first time, true love turned out not to be for them, but now they are still looking for that one special partner.

They do this again with the help of experts. The big difference this time lies in the fact that there is not one potential partner, but many more candidates. Married at First Sight: Second Chance can be seen from 15 June on RTL 4.

One of the most talked-about candidates of last season MAFS Henk was. He was linked to Chantal, but it didn’t end well. He now has a new love. He tells about that in the video below.


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