Marry a younger widow, this 80-year-old grandfather can’t stand up

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Not long ago, the marriage of an 80-year-old elderly with a 42-year-old bride became the talk of the social media.

The wedding took place on January 7 in Guizhou province, China.

The groom is an 80 -year -old old bachelor named Mu.

Due to his old age, and weak health condition, he could not stand at his wedding like a normal groom.

Mu is sitting in a wheelchair, while wearing wedding attire. In the midst of his limitations, Mu still smiled happily.

But what surprised me the most was the figure of the bride.

The woman named Zhu appeared very charming, to attract the attention of invited guests.

Mu’s wife is 42 years old, making the two of them 38 years apart, and looks like father and son.

Dressed in traditional red wedding attire, the bride looks no less cheerful and happy on their big day.

It is said that Mu and his future wife’s marriage took place very suddenly.

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