Marshmallows? A planet the size of Jupiter but less dense

Marshmallows? A planet the size of Jupiter but less dense

The 3.5 m WUYN telescope at the Kit Peak National Observatory in Arizona, USA, has discovered TOI-3757 b, a star similar to Jupiter in appearance but nearly marshmallow-like in density. It is located 580 light-years from Earth. Of course, new exoplanets are not uncommon, but TOI-3757 b is special. This is because it has the lowest density of any red dwarf star orbiting so far observed.

Because red dwarfs are active stars, they contain enough gas and do not produce play. Because of its initial brightness, the star was caught by NASAS transit exoplanet search satellites. Afterwards, the research team conducted further investigations at the WIYN Telescope at Kit Peak National Observatory, the McDonald Observatory in Texas, and the Red Bartes Observatory in Wyoming. According to the report, the size is 150,000 km in diameter, which is slightly larger than Jupiter and orbits in 3.5 days. The biggest feature is the density of fluffy marshmallows. Because there is no material heavier than other gas planets, it is estimated that the gas particle collision is delayed as a result of the slow formation of the star rock core, and the overall density of the planet is low. Also, because the shape of the star is close to an ellipse, it is possible that the heat escaped from the red dwarf as the planet got closer and the atmosphere swelled and became fluffy. Related content this placecan be checked in

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