Marta Font González, excanded to the mayor of San Juán, dies


He excelled at the Washington police station for the Puerto Rican independence party (PIP) in 1980, e Marshal González, self-proclaimed independent of the mayor of San Juan in 1996, died in the early hours of today, Sunday, December 30, 2018 in the company of his family.

Under the PIP logo, Font González aspired to a nomination for the Puerto Rico Senate in 1992.

As reported in a press release, the funeral for the political analyst will also be held at the Ehret Funeral Home on January 4, 2019, from 4:00 to 20:00. His remains will be cremated and placed next to those of her husband, Ángel Luis Calero, in the cemetery of María Magdalena de Pazzi in old San Juan. He is survived by his sons Marisol, Ángel Luis, Maricarmen, Francisco José, his adopted daughter Zulma Hernández, several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Font González worked in public relations at the City Bank before venturing into politics, after his work in the community led him to meet the needs of marginalized communities in Puerto Rico. He was a political analyst for the missing Pica program and extends WKAQ Radio, together with José Ronaldo Jarabo and César Vázquez.

Up until two years ago he actively collaborated with the Fondita de Jesús, among other civic and social organizations.

Font González was also a producer and actress, daughter of journalist, politician, speaker and official Jorge Font Saldaña, who in 1938 was one of the founders of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD). Font Saldaña was Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of the Senate, Superintendent of Insurance, Assistant Treasurer and Governor, Delegate of the Constitutional Convention that drafted the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and Representative of the House (1953-1964).



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