Martien Meiland in Hengelo: ‘Isn’t there more? We’ve only seen two streets! “

The arrival of the stars of Chateau Meiland to Gelderland had been known for a while, but Monday evening it was also prominently featured in the broadcast of the television program on SBS6.

The Meilandjes noticed that it was so quiet in Hengelo. Incidentally, the recordings took place before the corona measures were in force. “I don’t see any stores. No people on the street at all, ‘said Martien. To quickly adjust his opinion a little bit later: ‘You have everything you need here. We have to explore it a bit further, have only seen two streets. Oh, is that all? There is nothing more? ”

What good!

The family bought the plot in Hengelo for several reasons. Martien: ‘It looks so good. It has a driveway and a gate. It is beautiful from the road. It is also well protected for snoopers. And almost nothing has to be done about the houses. What good! We are going to drink champagne. “

What the houses look like was not shown in the program. The camera was not allowed inside. The residents of Hengelo soon discovered that the Meilandjes were in Hengelo. Father Martien in particular made time to take pictures with fans. “Isn’t that unique? People really like that. “

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Omroep Gelderland previously made this introduction video to allow the Meilandjes to get used to their new living environment.


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