Martinengo, the ‘Grisby’ dog sniffs 5 million in the vault: maxi kidnapping in the villa

Martinengo. Is called “Grisby” and is the dog of the Linate Guardia di Finanza Group. He has a very specific specialization: hunting for cash.

In recent days, during a search of the villa as part of an investigation for tax and bankruptcy crimes, he reported the presence of a hidden cellar covered with wooden panels. The financiers managed to identify a removable panel under which there was a real vault, protected by an armored door with an access code. Inside 2.5 million euros in cash, 40 watches, 1.3 million euros in diamonds, jewelery and gold bars, and even 2,600 gold and silver coins.

The value of the treasure found by the Guardia di Finanza, in the house of a married couple from Bergamo, respectively de facto and legal director of a limited liability company operating in various commercial sectors, amounts to almost 5 million euros. A maxi “preventive” seizure, carried out on the orders of the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office to freeze assets probably stolen from the tax authorities for years.

The surveys analyzed the income trend of the Martinengo couple, finding a significant disproportion between the values ​​found inside the vault and subjected to seizure, compared to the gross income declared to the tax authorities in the last ten years: only 235 thousand euros.

“The service action, carried out in close synergy with the Judicial Authority, testifies to the daily commitment of the Corps to oversee the economic and financial security of the country, with particular reference to the fight against tax fraud and bankruptcy crimes, which can alter the correct functioning of the market by determining forms of unfair competition to the detriment of honest entrepreneurs. It should be noted that the criminal proceedings are still in the preliminary investigations phase and that the responsibility of the suspects will be definitively ascertained only in the event of an irrevocable sentence of conviction ”, explains the Milan Finance Police in a note.

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