Marvel could finally give fans one of the main heroes of gay movies


Marvel Studios are trying to keep the record in history. After the great success of Black Panther and their first film of female-led superheroes, Captain MarvelIn this month, reportages are revolving around the fact that Marvel is breaking another barrier with their first openly gay superhero for The Eternals in 2020. Second That hashtag show, an anonymous source at Marvel says they are looking for an openly gay actor of any ethnicity to bring to the MCU.

As part of Marvel's effort to stimulate new potential franchises, The Eternals it will introduce the less known group of comics superheroes of the 1970s by Jack Kirby, who are partially immortal and partly human beings, created five million years ago by divine entities known as the Celestials. Marvel is looking for someone 30-49 who looks like part of the superhero, That hashtag show relationships, which in practice means that the first homosexual Marvel will be a real zaddy. Because none of the original characters in The Eternals they were gay, we do not know if they will introduce a new character or alter an existing one, explains the relationship.

Although Marvel has a number of queer characters in their comics, like X-Men Mystique o Young Avengers America Chavez, their sexuality has yet to make it painted on the big screen.

The head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, apparently had the eye to change it for a while now, to tell it The playlist Last year they were working on the introduction of two new storyline queer plots, one for a character that had already been viewed on screen and that was not.

It would be a big step for the film to show a romantic love, considering that Marvel clashed with little controversy for having cut scenes of foreign love. The character of Tessa Thompson, Valkyrie, of the film Marvel of 2017 Thor: Ragnarok she is bisexual, but as you said L & # 39; independent, The only scene that alludes to his sexuality has been cut from the film. IS Black Panther he became weakened by the LGBTQ community for creating an imaginary black fantasy world without bizarre people, and by cutting a scene that had some strange, strange atmosphere between Okoye and Ayo. And let's not forget that the time when the audience was deeply disappointed by Marvel's pansexual superhero Dead Pool, which should have been a more edgy movie geared to adults, but did not have scenes that let it be understood his sexuality in the first film, and only a few jokes about it in the sequel, where he also had a girlfriend.

Apart from the plot though, if The Eternals he finds an openly gay actor to play his first gay superhero who would be pushing a new conversation about representation in the industry. In December, direct actor Darren Criss made headlines saying he will not play gay characters anymore because he does not want to be "another straight guy who plays the role of a homosexual". He got numerous roles playing gay characters after his breakout as Blaine Anderson in Joy. But his position is far from the new industry norm as the latest Academy Awards have seen straight actors receiving home prizes for playing queer roles, such as Rami Malek for portraying Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody and Mahershala Ali, who played the bizarre black pianist Don Shirley Green Book.

Whether Marvel finds their actor openly gay or not, their first hero gay hero is bound to shake things up. After years spent not centering queer characters, and making some suspicious cuts to queer-friendly scenes, the audience is eager to see Marvel movies paired with books. The books were faster in progress, with Marvel introducing their first gay superhero, Northstar, in 1992 and having married him in 2012, inspired by New York to legalize gay marriage the year before. "Our comics are always the best when they respond and reflect developments in the real world," said comics editor Marvel Axel Alonso. Rolling Stone at the time. "They live life on their own terms: it does not matter if it's a superhero comic, the message is: you can do the same thing".

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