Marvel’s Avengers: Crystal Dynamics’ smoky explanations to justify Spider-Man’s exclusivity at PlayStation

Players who pre-ordered Marvel’s Avengers on PC and Xbox One had a nice cold shower this week when Crystal Dynamics announced that the character of Spider-Man would be offered in DLC free only on PS4 and PS5. The reasons behind this exclusivity weren’t initially confirmed, but studio director Scot Amos told a little more to ComicBook in an interview.

He indulged in somewhat risky explanations, just suggesting that this specificity of the versions PlayStation arose from the partnership between Sony and Marvel which already holds for the cinema. The icing on the cake, he a little annoyed with negative feedback while his team works hard on an evolving universe in the middle of which Spider-Man is just a needle in a haystack.

Again, it comes down to the relationship between PlayStation and Marvel. […] When it comes to choosing where Spider-Man can be and what form he takes, it’s a relationship issue that PlayStation absolutely has the right to, as you know, with the Sony contract. Marvel with Sony can be like, “Hey, this is something we can do. This is something we can do on this platform.”

And so what we do as creators is say, “This is an opportunity that we have to create something unique, fun and awesome” […]. We love the idea of ​​being able to bring this character to PlayStation players. To everyone, we just announced Hawkeye less than a week ago. We have two characters announced in the space of five days, the future is bright. People will be obsessed with one thing rather than “Oh by the way, we’re going to have hundreds of hours of content and years of intrigue ahead of us, and new worlds, and new heroes” and more stuff than us. haven’t even announced yet.

But I really think people are going to see that and say, “Yeah, okay, we understand, we can understand the business reasons behind that.” But generally speaking, we make this game for everyone. We want this to be the place where you can play out those superhero fantasies with your team of Avengers, who continue to grow with new characters, characters you haven’t even guessed yet, who will be coming in this game. list later, and new regions as well. So I’m very excited about what the future holds for everyone across all platforms.

This same Scot Amos also specified at IGN Japan qu’it would be the only superhero to be exclusive to a platform : there will therefore be no compensation on the other consoles, nor any other major blow on PS4 and PS5. The release date of Marvel’s Avengers is scheduled for release September 4 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, in edition classic, Deluxe or Earth Mightiest, and later in 2020 on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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