Más Madrid proposes Carla Antonelli, the first trans woman in the Upper House, as senator

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Más Madrid has appointed the deputy and historical activist for the rights of LGTBI people Carla Antonelli as the next senator by regional designation, replacing the previous senator from Más Madrid, Pablo G. Perpignanand will become the first trans woman with a seat in the Upper House.

As reported by the party in a statement, Más Madrid considers it “lucky and an honor to continue opening paths.” The appointment plenary session has not yet been formed, although it is expected that it will presumably be the next one after the formation of the new Government of the Madrid’s community.

“It is an immense honor, and also profound gratitude, that Más Madrid has placed the trust in me to be its representative as a senator in the Upper House of the Cortes Generales of Spain. But beyond the honor, lies the commitment and the need for trans people have a voice for the first time in the General Courts of Spain, especially at a time when hate speech, LGTBIphobia and the transphobia have become normalized and everyday life in a harmful way in our country”, Antonelli has defended.

In the past regional elections, Antonelli ran for the position number five from Mónica García’s list to the Madrid Assembly. Now, the formation wants to go “a step further” and take the defense of the rights of trans and LGTBI people to all institutions, “especially at this time of general elections in which the Popular Party and its ultra partners are trying to push us back.”

Antonelli, born in Tenerife in 1959, is a long-standing activist for the rights of transsexual people in Spain. In 2011 she became an autonomous deputy in the Madrid Assembly for the PSOE, becoming the first transsexual woman in Spain with an elected public office. During her stay in the Madrid Assembly, the Madrid Trans Law was approved.

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