Masahiro Higashide’s appearance on the cliff is also harsh … The struggle before the release of “Confidence Man JP” | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

It became clear that he was calling women to the workplace Masahiro Higashide

“Confidence Man JP Hero Edition” to be released on January 14th. This work is a popular series in which three scammers play an active role. From 2018 TV dramas to 2019 and 2020movie“Hero Edition” will be the third edition.

Major cast Masami Nagasawa (34),Higashide Masahiro(33), Fumiyo Kohinata (67) attended the “Confidence Man JP Great Thanksgiving 2021” held in Tokyo on December 27, 2021. Higashide emphasized the highlight with a smile, saying, “Psychological warfare and tension continue for a long time. The development that betrays expectations is amazing.”

With actress Erika Karata (24) in January 2020AffairWas discovered, and Higashide divorced his wife, Kyou (35), in August of the same year. Although he has refrained from activities for a while, he actually has a scandal even before “Great Thanksgiving”.

“In October 2021,” Weekly Bunshun “reported a relationship with a half-beautiful woman in her twenties. Mr. Higashide called her to the shooting site in Hiroshima and let her stay for three consecutive nights.

It was said that the office staff bowed their heads and managed to install it, but the office executives were furious, saying, “It’s too careless.”

Even though the people involved are struggling with Higashide’s scandal, the reason why he continues to be appointed to the series is because of the follow-up of Mr. Nagasawa and other co-stars.

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If there is another scandal, it’s safe to be afraid of future appointments. Mr. Higashide is in a “cliff” state. ”(Weekly journalist)

Higashide himself should be well aware of such a situation. That’s why he smiled as hard as he could at the “Great Thanksgiving”, which was the first public place for dating reports.

The series is only a movie work that can be called the “dollar box” of Fuji TV, and the promotion is focused on. Of course, Higashide is also enthusiastically appearing in the promoter.

From midnight on January 10th to midnight on January 14th, a special program called “Confidence Man JP Gakuen Hero Edition” is being broadcast on Fuji TV.

“The program is about the performers standing on the podium on a daily basis and giving quizzes about heroes. Mr. Higashide appeared as a teacher at midnight on the 11th.

There was a reaction that “I thought I was in” Shikujiri Sensei “”, but Mr. Higashide, who continues the scandal, still has a harsh voice. “

In fact, the following voices have been raised on the net.

《Even though I hurt my ex-wife and my child, I can’t laugh when I see them laughing on TV.》

《Some people are still resting due to affair reports, but this person is doing activities as if nothing happened, and I feel a little uncomfortable as a viewer》

It seems that “confidence (= credit)” from viewers has not yet been obtained.



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