Masriah’s Disgusting Behavior of Flushing Pee Is Analyzed by Artificial Intelligence Machines

Surabaya – Wiwik analyzed Masriah’s disgusted behavior, who splashed urine and feces on her neighbour’s house, by an artificial intelligence machine. This is analyzed by Evello, who owns a Physiological Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm. That is, Evelo measures psychology and public perception through artificial intelligence.

Evello tries to measure the public’s perception of Masriah through Twitter. That is, on the news detikJatim entitled ‘Tampang Masriah Watering a Neighbor’s House with Urine and Feces’ which was published on Saturday, 13 May 2023, at 10.19 WIB. The content was then uploaded to the Twitter account @detikcom on the same day, at 10.46 WIB.

detikJatim has contacted the founder of Evello, Dudy Rudianto via telephone. Dudy explained, the method used by Evelo is generally called natural language processing. When measuring public perception, Evelo processed 5,581 netizen comments.

“Masriah’s behavior of pouring urine and feces into neighbors’ homes stirred public feelings. The biggest emotions were sad 53%, disgust 33%, anger and horror 10%. Tones of frustration 74% dominated public perception apart from the view that her actions were very inappropriate 35%. As a result, negative emotions with a weight of 72% show how much the public does not like Masriah’s actions,” wrote Dudy on his Twitter account. detikJatim, Monday (15/5/2023).

When asked what was Dudy’s reason for taking samples of the Masriah case? Dudy explained, there are 2 approaches why Evello released data about Masriah.

“First, since early 2022, after the COVID-19 pandemic subsided, the public’s tendency to follow social and legal trends has increased drastically. The economy, education, and health, which have been the focus of public attention since 2019, 2020, 2021, have dropped drastically,” explained Dudy.

Meanwhile, Dudy said, in 2022 legal trends will increase drastically following social trends. According to Dudy, it’s not surprising that throughout 2022 and even now, matters related to law have had a direct influence on the public and have become the public’s attention.

“Second, Evello detects a lot of social trends where the emotions lead to disgusting or disgusting emotions. Examples of sexual abuse or sexual harassment, all news related to sexual harassment in public places, breast robbery, harassment on public transportation, sexual harassment against family , brother, by the father to his son, etc., it received a high response from the public and the emotion read disgusting,” he explained.

Dudy said that the community considered what Masriah had done as disgusting behavior and had to be opposed. So, Evello thinks that every case that has something to do with the social context of society and the detection of disgusting emotions, will definitely go viral.

“So, that is the reason we then carried out further analysis of 5,581 comments related to Masriah and indeed it was proven that the score was 33 percent, the community stated and it was detected that this behavior was disgusting behavior,” said Dudy.

“So indeed our data shows that this Masriah is one of the cases where things that are social in nature and fixing social problems will go viral in the public,” he added.

Previously, Masriah’s action had gone viral after the CCTV footage of her pouring dirt on Wiwik’s house spread. Masriah has also been reported to the police by Wiwik’s son-in-law. He has been examined, but his status is still as a witness.

From the information gathered detikJatim, Masriah’s action was carried out because the house that Wiwik lived in originally belonged to Masriah’s sister. The house was then sold by Masriah’s sister to Wiwik.

However, Masriah apparently wants to have it. He then frequently flushed urine, faeces, sewage and threw trash at Wiwik’s house. Masriah’s action was to make Wiwik and her family uncomfortable and in the end the house was sold cheaply to her.

Watch Video “Masriah Watering Feces at Neighbor’s House Examined by Police


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