Hundreds of them came, hooded with black masks, in green personnel carriers without license plates …

Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko sends his notorious OMON thugs against the demonstrators. Is that the decision in Belarus and has Lukashenko started the long-feared crackdown?

Fear is back in Minsk: there are arrests every day, in the evening there were even mass arrests!

At least 70 people were arrested on Independence Square in the center. The human rights organization Wesna even spoke of 100 arrests. Police officers surrounded the demonstrators with buses – in the forefront the OMON special forces, who report directly to the Interior Ministry.

The arrests came just hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared his support for Lukashenko.

According to President Putin, Russia is to build a reserve police force for the neighboring country. That is what the president asked him, Putin said, according to the Interfax news agency.

Lukashenko and his thugs showed that he is ready now to brutally end any resistance.

In addition to the demonstrators on Independence Square, around 20 journalists were also taken away. Apparently only to check their accreditation.

While the men were being led away, the women were released from the kettle: They crossed the Independence Prospectus and shouted “kaschdy den, kaschdy den!” – in German: “Every day, every day”. A clear announcement that they will be back. Not even the arrests can deter them.

The anger of the people in Minsk was palpable after people were detained by OMON forces for 40 minutes the night before in the Catholic Church on Independence Square.

Dramatic scenes on Wednesday

Several hundred demonstrators, who protested against dictator Alexander Lukashenko at the parliament, fled from the police to a nearby Catholic church.

Video images showed how special police forces apparently locked the church and surrounded the building. At the same time, the country’s most important wireless service providers announced that the mobile Internet would be switched off on the instructions of the authorities, but WiFi networks were still working.

Lukashenko is serious, it is unclear how the demonstrators will react. It is still unclear whether there will be another mass demonstration like last Sunday.


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