Mass Recall, a StarCraft II mod in the form of a remake of the first installment, is now available for download

To this day, we do not know what future awaits the StarCraft saga after Blizzard announced a few weeks ago that it was not going to work on more new content for StarCraft II. Even so, you can see that the fans of the franchise want it to continue and, in the absence of a new title, there are those who have developed StarCraft: Mass Recall.

This project created by fans It’s about a remake of the classic StarCraft and its expansion Brood War used at all times by the StarCraft II graphics engine so that it looks the most impressive. Also, it is actually a way of this second installment and that you can download for free from its official website.

In the event that you have a copy of the second StarCraft, you will have access to an improved version of a total of 68 maps, of which 59 correspond to the original title, another six belong to the demo that was published at the time and the remaining three did not finish seeing the light.

On the same web page, the steps to install this mod without problems are indicated. It is currently in its version 8.0. So you can relive all the events of the first StarCraft better than ever, in case the remastering that was published a few years ago was not enough for you. What’s more, to give you a better idea of ​​the result, here is your presentation trailer.

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