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An the last few days, The Daily has received emails from some readers questioning the CIUSSS’s way of doing things. The latter, who were not able to obtain an early vaccination date, criticized the CIUSSS for launching a registration campaign and not vaccination. The Daily checked people 85 and over who got dates in April only. This is also the case for some 80-year-olds who got dates late in April.

According to the regional director of Public Health, Doctor Donald Aubin, the beaches open until now for the appointment site are coordinated with the arrivals of vaccines from the two main suppliers. The CIUSSS, it should be remembered, has no control over the quantity of vaccines sent to the region by the ministry which has chosen to speed up the vaccination campaign in the Montreal region because of the viral activity there. more intense.

Still according to the explanations provided by the Director of Public Health, the CIUSSS will add vaccination periods as soon as it receives confirmations of the arrival of vaccines. It is even possible that the region will receive a larger quantity of vaccines in March than what has been announced so far.

Thus it is possible that a person who takes steps tomorrow to make an appointment will benefit from an earlier date when we will be fixed on the arrivals of vaccines.

The CIUSSS also does not intend to modify the schedules established according to the appointment setting. This means that an 80-year-old could be ahead of an 85-year-old depending on when the appointment is made and when the vaccination schedules are open.

In a press briefing on Wednesday, Prime Minister François Legualt affirmed that there was an addition of 100,000 doses in Montreal for the start of the general public campaign, but that since then he has ensured that there is an equitable distribution of vaccines among the regions of Quebec.

The CIUSSS has not yet started the campaign for the second dose of vaccine, which must be administered according to the same priorities as the first dose with residents of CHSLDs and staff deployed in these establishments, as well as those of the hospital sector who are at risk of disease transmission.

The Quebec government had chosen to override the manufacturer’s recommendations in the hope of vaccinating many more people and thus curbing the transmission of the virus.

The coverage of the regional population by vaccines is still far too low to allow social distancing measures to be reduced. Currently, based on two doses of vaccine per person, only 2.5% of the population is considered vaccinated. Mass immunity is achieved with coverage rates of around 75 to 80% of the entire population.

The CIUSSS du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean will welcome the first people to the general public vaccination sites as of March 13, depending on the registrations made by phone or on the appointment site for the vaccination campaign.

The CIUSSS communications service recalled this information in the afternoon, Wednesday.

In the initial announcement, the CIUSSS had indicated that the general public campaign for people aged 85 and over who live outside CHSLDs and RPAs would begin in the week of March 8. According to the communications service, the CIUSSS has given itself leeway to adjust the start of the campaign with all the deployment of its teams and the availability of vaccines.

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