Massa promises to call "a unity government" and Milei asks for support from "everyone who wants a change" to govern

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The Peronist candidate for the presidency of Argentina, Sergio Massahas been the candidate with the most votes in this Sunday’s elections, and, after learning the result, he has committed to form a unity government in case of winning the second round of the elections on November 19.

“I am going to call for a Government of national unity on December 10 as president, calling for the best, regardless of their political strength,” said Massa when speaking to the hundreds of militants gathered in his electoral ‘bunker’, after reaching a 36.68% in the first round of the presidential elections, thus surpassing Javier Milei, of the far-right party La Libertad Avanza (LLA).

In a fiery speech, Massa, who has served as Minister of Economy since July 2022, thanked those who gave him their vote this Sunday, but also appealed to those who did not vote or opted for other candidates.

“The crack died and A new stage begins from December 10 in my Government,” asserts Massa, leader of the Renovador Front, the third major force within the Peronist Union for the Homeland coalition.

Recognize that the economic situation of Argentinacrossed by multiple imbalances, is “complex” and is “full of challenges and difficulties to face”, a scenario despite which many have seen in Unión por la Patria “the best tool to begin building a new stage in political history Argentina”.

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