News Massacre of Bologna, the association for the victims: "Nar...

Massacre of Bologna, the association for the victims: “Nar free treated by stars” – Emilia-Romagna

“It is shocking the favored treatment of some leaders, rewarded lavishly for their silence.” He said it Paolo Bolognesi, president of the association of the victims of the Bologna massacre, from the stage in Piazza Maggiore and remembering the murders committed by the former Nar terrorists of Francesca Mambro and Giusva Fioravanti, and the life sentences to which they were sentenced. “They never collaborated, today they are fully free and often treated like stars,” he said.

“The results of the maxi investigation on the principals confirm that that vile attack was a black bomb, designed by the leaders of the P2, carried out by the fascist laborers of the Nar, protected by men from the P2, inserted in the nerve centers of the Secret Services “.” We wanted to hit Bologna the redhead. But in their criminal power project, performers and puppeteers made one mistake. Disregard the reaction of the citizens of Bologna, “he added.

“40 years have passed and finally our desire to have truth begins to come true, thanks to the work of the General Prosecutor of Bologna who followed Licio Gelli’s money and analyzed the digitized amount of documents we provided him with,” he said Bolognesi.

“Apologies” from the state “are the only words that have a semblance of decency, after 40 years of immutable pain experienced by family members you can only apologize,” said the deputy interior minister Vito Crimi.

“It is time to open the files. It is time to remove them from the drawers. Bologna is no longer just a court case: it has become a historical topic. And history cannot be written with state secrets, with silences or with omissions History is written in the indelible ink of truth, “said the Senate president Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati.


Mattarella: need for truth and justice – “On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the massacre of the station, which caused eighty-five deaths and over two hundred wounded, I wish – after a few days from my visit to Bologna and from the meeting in the place of the attack – to reaffirm the closeness, solidarity and participation in the pain of the families of the victims and in the city of Bologna, so seriously affected by the heinous and criminal terrorist gesture, while reaffirming the duty of memory, the need for full truth and justice and the need for a tireless work to defend the principles of freedom and democracy, “says the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

Count: tearing the veil that separates the truth – “Forty years after the massacre in Bologna. We are at the side of family members, of those who believe in the state, of magistrates committed to definitively tearing the veil that separates us from the truth. We owe it to the 85 innocent victims, we owe it to ourselves”. The Prime Minister wrote it on Twitter Giuseppe Conte.



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