Massimo Cuttitta, the last farewell today. The memory of the twin

To review his photos, the videos of his exploits on the pitch would not seem possible: he seemed unbeatable, unstoppable Massimo Cuttitta. Instead the Covid took him away, a few hours away from his mother. On Tuesday afternoon, the funeral of sample a Lavinio on the Lazio coast, to say goodbye to Massimo Cuttitta, the legendary pylon (it should be reiterated) who for 70 times loaded the blue melee on his shoulders and led it right into that dream called Six Nations.

The story of his twin Marcello

Al Corriere della Sera, the twin brother Marcello he confided the feelings, albeit bewildered, following the disappearance of the mother Nunzia and then of Maximum:

“The last image that my brother Michele and I have of Massimo – he declared – is the one we saw through the screen of a hospital tablet. We had to convince him to rely on the doctors, he had decided not to be intubated, but the situation was getting worse. When he told us to only care about his mother and raised a finger in agreement before entering the ICU, I understood once more that he was the brother, son and captain that everyone would like to have close to them ” .

Such a figure that the world of rugby he wanted to pay homage in every way and in every part of the world, because Cuttitta had lent his professionalism in Scotland and he had also recently received proposals from abroad. Today there is regret and great respect for the man and his family.

Massimo Cuttitta: the cars, the goiter and the mother

Maximum he had dropped great career opportunities; it was a life choice, hers. Of life and affections.

“Massimo in recent times – he wanted to reiterate Marcello – had given up on collaboration proposals with the best teams in the world: they had looked for him in South Africa, Ireland, Australia. But after his father’s death he had decided to stay close to his mother and could not afford to be away from home for long: he gave us so much, he told me, now it is right that we give her something back ”. He had retired to Lavinio: the only distractions allowed were the restoration of ancient cars, a gozzo to go to sea and assistance to the mother.

Covid, the previous weeks

The last few weeks are complicated, made even more difficult to remember after the double mourning:

“We spoke four times a day, he was happy because he was able to get his mother vaccinated. Then what happened is not explainable, the positive mother and immediately after him. They entered the hospital in Albano Laziale together, the doctors did everything possible, but they never went out ”.

“Always in pairs, at Pinetown High School in South Africa where dad, an engineer, was for work and where we learned to play rugby, at Milan to win 4 league titles together, in the most fantastic era of the national team. When he became the first Italian to go and play in an English club (Harlequins of London, ed) I was proud and a little lost. He was convinced that I would join him soon, but I had made a different life choice: a job in Milan and the desire to start a family separated us for the first time. On the pitch and in life he was my point of reference, humble and always reassuring. That’s right, we thought with one head. Now I’ll have to learn how to do it myself ”, the bitter ending of this short portrait of a champion, named Massimo Cuttitta.

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