World Massive Chinese fishing alert off the Galapagos - VivAfrik

Massive Chinese fishing alert off the Galapagos – VivAfrik

Explanation For two weeks, a fleet of 260 Chinese fishing boats has been active around the protected marine reserve of the Galapagos archipelago, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the recent past, Chinese fishermen caught more than 300 tons of fish of protected species. Located 1,000 kilometers west of the Ecuadorian mainland coast, the Galapagos archipelago is famous around the world for its giant tortoises. These islands, which inspired his theory of evolution by naturalist Charles Darwin (1809-1882), have more than 2,900 species and include a 38,000 km2 marine sanctuary where the largest population of sharks on the planet is found. Unesco, which classified the site in 1978 as a “world heritage of humanity”, describes it as a “living museum” of biodiversity. Two weeks ago, Ecuadorian military and civil authorities sounded the alarm when the national navy spotted an impressive fleet of 260 Chinese-flagged fishing boats plying the archipelago’s vicinity, but legally in the waters. international. “It is well outside the exclusive economic zone of the Galapagos, but the concern comes from the fact that it can penetrate or infiltrate it,” Ecuadorian defense minister Oswaldo Jarrin told Teleamazonas television. “We are on high alert, and we are monitoring the area so that no incident like the one in 2017 happens again,” said the Ecuadorian defense minister. Three years ago, the Ecuadorian national navy had boarded a Chinese vessel, the Fu Yuan Yu Leng 999, in the marine reserve area, while it contained in its holds more than 300 tonnes of fish, including a large quantity of fish. endangered shark species (whale shark and hammerhead shark). Last year, President Lenin Moreno ordered the deployment of military ships and planes when a Chinese fleet was spotted near the area. “The size and aggressiveness of this squadron against marine fauna represent a serious danger to the balance of species in Galapagos,” said former Minister of the Environment Yolanda Kakabadse. According to many specialists, even outside the protected area, intensive fishing has an impact on the entire marine ecosystem, regrets

China tackles illegal fishing in the Yangtze River

Chinese police handled more than 2,480 cases of illegal fishing at the end of July as part of a campaign launched on June 29 to combat the practice in the Yangtze River basin, according to the Ministry of Public Security. Police arrested more than 2,680 suspects during this period and seized around 1,040 boats, the ministry said. The public security organs will further strengthen the fight against illegal fishing along the Yangtze River, work with other ministries to improve the joint law enforcement mechanism, and decisively cut the underground industrial chain of fishing, transportation. and illicit business operations. The campaign will run for three years, notes

Agriculture – Livestock – Fishing: 20 million euros in support of producers

Modernize techniques. Last July, the Agricultural Development Fund of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries signed a grant agreement with the European Union delegation in Madagascar. This grant relates to the “FANDROSO” project, the Financing of Standardized Support for the Development and Strengthening of Producer Organizations in order to facilitate access to agricultural services and work towards the modernization of agriculture. Worth 20,526,315 euros, including 19,500,000 euros coming from the European Union and 1,026,315 from the Malagasy State, this fund will support producers working in the field of agriculture, but also breeding and fishing in improving their activities. “This funding will mainly be used for the implementation of the” RINDRA “program (Institutional Strengthening towards the Development of Agricultural Resilience) through the 22 regions of the country. The objective is to increase both productivity and production, without forgetting the income of producers and farmer organizations concerned by the program. In addition, this project comes at the right time since a large part of the producers are now facing difficulties in the face of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. Given the situation, supporting the social and productive sectors with a view to economic recovery is a priority, ”said Lucien Ranarivelo, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. “The preparation path required a lot of work. But currently, we are proud to be able to put our support for rural development into practice even better. Let us hope that this support will provide structural relief to the beneficiaries exposed to the many constraints of the health crisis ”, adds Giovanni Di Girolamo, Ambassador of the European Union in Madagascar. Around 4,000 quality projects will be funded, benefiting nearly 250,000 family farmers. These are made up of 50% women and 40% young people. In addition, six new regional branches of the Agricultural Development Fund (FDA) will be open and operational this year, in particular in Diana, SAVA, Betsiboka, Sofia but also in Bongolava and Boeny, we read in the columns of

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