Massive clamor in front of the PSOE headquarters… and the Police take the initiative: preventive charges and infiltrators among the ultras

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The mobilization had slowed down the day before, but the news from Brussels They fueled the protest. The Ferraz street of Madrid This Thursday, he lived his seventh consecutive night of rallies against the amnesty under the unanimous cry of thousands of people against Pedro Sánchez’s roadmap with the independence parties to guarantee his inauguration: “We are going to win this battle.”

The tension returned to the surroundings of the socialist headquarters – where some 8,000 people gathered, according to the Government Delegation– after the PSOE and Junts announced early in the day their agreement for the re-election of the acting President of the Government. The consolidation of the pact in Brussels prompted protesters to take to the streets again not only in the capital – also in numerous cities throughout Spainas has been happening since last weekend -, a protest that ended with a shower of firecrackers and the throwing of bottles at the riot police, who responded with gas and rubber balls.

In the last minutes of the protest, various groups with a radical profile tried to break up the call. Throughout the night, the protesters booed and expelled anyone who sought entry wearing a hood, with their face covered, or with extreme right-wing symbols. But at the end, when the ultras were seen taking positions, the Police changed their strategy. He did not wait for the final explosion, but rather anticipated it to disperse them with deterrent charges and several arrests (14 detainees, according to data from this Friday at 00:00 hours, reports Luis F. Durán). It was even seen how infiltrated plainclothes agents removed some troublemakers before the outbreak of violent incidents. Thus, the mass was very dispersed, with Ferraz clear.

Several marches had converged this Thursday in the Madrid neighborhood of Arguelles, in the vicinity of the socialist headquarters. Constitutionalist platforms such as Libertad Sin Ira, Pie en Pared, It’s Over y Neosamong others, called a protest at 7:00 p.m. on Paseo de la Castellana, in front of the European Parliament Office in Spaina rally as a preview of the usual one in front of the socialist headquarters an hour later.

The center of the capital, in fact, prepared throughout the day in anticipation that protests would intensify as a result of the agreement. Some 180 riot police were mobilized in the morning in the vicinity of the Congress of Deputieswhere hundreds of people held a sit-in on Tuesday night after cutting off traffic in Plaza de España and Gran Vía.

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