master card Entering the online music market Priceless debuts first album, streaming via partner platform Spotify

The world’s first! master card Entering the online music market The debut album, Priceless, is streamed through the Spotify partner platform, with the power of emerging artists and music enthusiasts around the world.

master card Announcing the release of the first music album Priceless® As a major festival of global advertising circles, the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity will be streamed first through the leading music platform Spotify (listed below), after which it will be streamed gradually across other platforms. 10 featured songs by quality artists from around the world. Every song will feature a unique music that everyone is well known for.master cardto arrange a harmonious composition in the song

This partnership with Timbaland’s Beatclub aims to support artists and the global music industry. through the power of music and continuous care By providing a platform, tools and networking for creators to pursue their dreams and open doors of opportunity for more artists to enter the less-than-reachable music industry. The release of this first album paves the way for an important way to connect people around the world with a unique music culture and the joy of music.

The highlight of this album is the collection of the unique identity of each artist, who are distinguished by a variety of cultures, languages, and genres of music. Brand on new approaches through the beauty of music. The full album will feature songs from emerging artists of high quality. Michael Rice (United Kingdom), Shiraz (Lebanon), Good Harvest (Sweden), Alma Lake (Colombia/USA), Raees (Algeria), Tejas (India), Nadine Randle (UK/Sweden), Tania Doko (Australia), She b. (USA) and Amaya (Slovenia)

album Priceless It will be made available to everyone for the first time at the launch party through Spotify, Mastercard’s leading exclusive partner platform with over 422 million users and covering 183 music markets worldwide.

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Track List

Gotta Go Dancing (Ft. Michael Rice) Spotify| YouTube
Ya Leil (Ft. Shiraz) Spotify| YouTube
Evergreen (Ft. Good Harvest) Spotify| YouTube
Higher (Ft. Alma Lake) Spotify| YouTube
Zina (Ft. Raees) Spotify| YouTube
Got Me (Ft. Amaya) Spotify| YouTube
Down and Out (Ft. Tejas) Spotify| YouTube
Merry Go Round (Ft. Nadine Randle) Spotify| YouTube
Live Loud (Ft. Tania) Spotify| YouTube
Conversations (Ft. Elle B.) Spotify | YouTube
Zina (Ft. Raees) – English Version Spotify| YouTube
Gotta Go Dancing (Beatclub Remix) Spotify
Got Me (Beatclub Remix) Spotify

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