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With the “Stranger Things” season four finale There were also unforgettable moments for many fans of the Netflix series. Beyond the fateful deaths we witnessed, the questions that were answered o the warnings we had for the release of volume 2 of the fourth installment of the production, we were surprised with memorable scenes during the final battle of the same.

A) Yes, Eddie Munson (character played by actor Joseph Quinn) was the protagonist of one of the most highlighted scenes through social networks: During the fight against Vecnathe leader of the club ‘Fuego Infernal’ interpreted, with his guitar, a legendary song from the 80’s.

Therefore, below, know what is the letter and meaning of “Master of Puppets“, the song of Metallica what does he play Eddie Munson in the fourth season finale of the series Netflix Stranger Things”.

Learn what the lyrics and meaning of “Master of Puppets” are, the Metallica song played by Eddie Munson at the end of the fourth season of the Netflix series “Stranger Things” (Photo: Joseph Quinn / Instagram)


During the final battle of the fourth season of “Stranger Things”, Eddie Munson play the song”Master of Puppets” (in Spanish: ‘Master of Puppets’) from the band of thrash metal American Metallica. This theme is the second of the self-titled album of the band and the longest composition of the album, with a duration of 8:35 minutes.

Since its launch the July 2, 1986, has been played more than 1,500 times live, making it the most performed song by the group in concert. In the year 2008, VH1 he called it the third best heavy metal song of all time. Also, in 2020, Metal Hammer ranked the song number 1 on their list of the 50 Greatest Songs of Metallica of all times. Finally, the late bassist Cliff Burton he noted that this was his favorite song from the band.

The following names appear in the song credits:

  • James Hetfield: vocals, rhythm guitar, first guitar solo.
  • Kirk Hammett: lead guitar.
  • Cliff Burton: electric bass, backing vocals
  • Lars Ulrich: drums, percussion
  • Production: Flemming Rasmussen y Metallica


This is the translated lyrics of the song “Master of Puppets” of Metallica. Remember that you can access the original lyrics from this link.

“End of passionate game, collapsing. I am your source of self-destruction. Veins that pump with fear, sucking in the darkest clearing, directing the construction of your death. Savor me and you will see, you need more. You’re dedicated to how I’m killing you.”

“Come and crawl faster, obey your Master, your life burns fast. Obey your Master. Love!”.

“Master of puppets, I am pulling your strings, twisting your mind, crushing your dreams. Blinded by me, you can’t see a thing. Just call my name ’cause I hear you scream “Love! Love!” Just call my name ’cause I hear you scream “Love! Love!””.

Make your way with needles, never betray me, Death’s life becoming clearer. The monopoly of pain, the ritual of misery, prepare your breakfast in a mirror. Savor me and you will see, you need more. You’re dedicated to how I’m killing you.”

“Master, Master, where are the dreams I have chased? Master, Master, your promises are just lies. Laughter, laughter, all I see and hear is laughter. Laughter, laughter, mocking my cries. Fix me!”

“Hell is worth all that, a natural habitat, just a meaningless rhyme. Endless maze, shipwreck on numbered days, now your life is old fashioned. I will occupy it, I will help you to die, I will run through you, now I control you too.”


The lyrics of the song refer to drugs and how they can control the life of an addicted person. That’s how he explained it James Hetfieldthe vocalist of Metallica: “It basically deals with drugs. How things change, instead of you controlling what you’re taking and doing, it’s the drugs that control you.”he claimed.

For “Stranger Things”This song has a lot of meaning. First, because it coincides with the aesthetics of Eddie during the fourth season of the production. Also, the idea of ​​’losing control’ is very much in keeping with what happened with Vecna and how that dark force tries to consume all of its victims in Hawkins. Finally, the song deals with how someone loses their personal battle and it is like that, a hint of what happened to one of the most beloved characters of this season of the series.


Edward ‘Eddie’ Munson is a character from Season 4 of “Stranger Things”. He is introduced as the leader of the ‘Hellfire Club‘, the official Dungeons and Dragons club of the ‘Hawkins High School‘. Also, he is the guitarist in his band Corroded Coffin.


Joseph Quinn is the British actor selected to play Eddie Munson during the fourth season of “Stranger Things”. He was born on May 15, 1993 and has been working as an interpreter since 2011.



  • Millie Bobby Brown como Eleven
  • Noah Schnapp as Will
  • Finn Wolfhard as Mike
  • Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin
  • Caleb McLaughin como Lucas
  • Winona Ryder como Joyce
  • Sadie Sink as Max
  • Charlie Heaton como Jonathan
  • Natalia Dyer como Nancy
  • Maya Hawke as Robin
  • David Harbour como Hopper
  • Brett Gelman como Murray
  • Priah Ferguson como Erica


Using a makeshift isolation tank and making use of his powers, Eleven discover that Max will seek to be the fourth and last victim he needs Vecna to create a permanent link between Hawkins and the ‘Upside Down’. This, in order to distract the villain while his friends try to kill him.

At first, Max’s plan works. However, Nancy, Steve and Robin are captured by the vines. Dustin and Eddie, for their part, are attacked by the ‘demobats’, the local bats. While Dustin manages to flee, Eddie decides to confront them, receiving fatal injuries and dying on the spot. FIND OUT MORE HERE.

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