Master’s advice. DPF or soot filters. Change, not cut (+VIDEO)

The DPF, or the so-called soot filter, is like an invisible bogeyman with which to frighten the owners of old diesel cars, making them tremble while waiting for a technical inspection.

DPF is mandatory in all cars that meet EU emission standards, starting from 2005. Since passenger cars have long been equipped with catalytic converters, or, simply put, catalysts, the question arises, who needs such a soot filter at all?

Answer: In diesel engines, fuel and air do not mix as well as gasoline and the fuel does not burn completely. This results in a by-product – soot. In city traffic, they really tend to go out of order, requiring expensive repair or even replacement, which often costs half the value of a used car. Together with the InterCars Latvija project manager, we will explain what is involved here. See more in the TV Autozinu plot.

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