Matchday – Brighton 1-1 Crystal Palace at home, Nice 2-1 Nantes_Restricted area_ball_penalty

Original title: Match day – Brighton home 1-1 Crystal Palace monsters scored Nice 2-1 Nantes

From the evening of January 14th to the early morning of January 15th, Beijing time, the 22nd round of the Premier League and the 21st round of Ligue 1 started. Brighton drew with Crystal Palace at home, while Nice beat Nantes 2-1 at home.

Premier League

Brighton 1-1 Crystal Palace

At 4:00 on January 15th, Beijing time, the 22nd round of the Premier League started, Brighton played against Crystal Palace at home. In the 10th point, Trossard got a single-handed shot, but his shot was blocked by Butland. In the 37th minute, Will Hughes was dragged to the ground by his opponent in the penalty area. The referee took a penalty kick, but Gross’ penalty kick was saved by Butland. In the 46th minute, Trossard pushed a shot from the right side of the small penalty area, and the ball hit the crossbar and popped out. In the 69th minute, Gallagher received an inverted triangle pass from his teammate in the middle of the penalty area and scored with a volley in the penalty area, giving Crystal Palace a 1-1 lead. In the 86th minute, Mo Pai swept the ball to the goal in the penalty area. Anderson accidentally made an own goal, and Brighton equalized the score 1-1 with Crystal Palace. At the end of the game, the two teams played to a draw.

Ligue 1

Nice 2-1 Nantes

In the early morning of January 15th, Beijing time, the 21st round of the Ligue 1 began, and Nice played Nantes at home. In the 8th point, Dolberg received a header from his teammate’s left in the middle of the penalty area. The angle was relatively positive, and the ball was confiscated by the goalkeeper. In the 20th minute, Dante made a penalty kick, Dolberg took the penalty, the ball went into the net, and Nice led Nantes 1-0. In the 45th minute, Nice got a free kick in front of the penalty area. Girotto took the penalty and shot directly from the free kick. The ball flew into the lower left corner of the goal and Nantes equalized the score 1-1 Nice. In the 55th minute, Thuram took the ball in the midfield and rushed in. Before the penalty area, he and his teammates had a two-to-one cooperation. Then he volleyed from the left side of the penalty area to make a contribution, and Nice 2-1 Nantes. At the end of the game, Nice beat Nantes 2-1 at home.Return to Sohu, see more

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