Matelová – Pótaová 4: 1, Matelová is after the victory over the Hungarian Pótaová at the World Cup in the 2nd round

Matelová repeated the duel with Potaóva from the TOP16 tournament in Thessaloniki in September, where she won after a big 4: 3 fight. “It was a completely different match. I turned the match points away there and won really close. The first two sets were decisive here. Then I had a lot of confidence and I’m really looking forward to the next round,” she said on the federal website.

In the second round, Matelo awaits the match between Sweden’s Linda Bergström and Argentina’s Camila Argüelles.

Kateřina Tomanovská, who will run into Korea I Zion, will also present herself in the first round of singles.

Individual Table Tennis World Championships in Houston:
Men’s Singles Round 1:
Källberg (SWE) – Jančařík (CZE) 4: 0 (6, 4, 2, 5)
Togami (JPN) – Polanský (CZE) 4: 1 (4, 7, -11, 8, 7).
Women’s Singles Round 1:
Matelová (32-Czech Republic) – Pótaová (Hungary) 4: 1 (11, 9, 7, -8, 4).
Mixed Doubles Round 1:
Mittelham, Dang Qiu (DEU) – Polanský, Matelová (CZE) 3: 1 (14, 10, -5, 6).


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