Mateusz Damięcki defends his wife! Scandalous words about the beloved actor

Mateusz Damięcki (39) and his wife Paulina Andrzejewska (40) have been creating a happy marriage for years. A few days ago, it became loud about the actor’s beloved, because one of the Internet users spoke about her beauty in a rather unfavorable way. It didn’t take long for Damięcki’s reaction.

Mateusz Damięcki and his wife Paulina met in 2012. Initially, they tried to hide their relationship, but over time they officially announced that they were a couple. Finally, in 2018, they got married. For several years, Damięcki has been consistently emphasizing in his interviews how happy he is with his beloved Paulina.

Recently, the couple and their son went on vacation to the Polish seaside, and you could admire the stories from this trip on the star’s Instagram However, an unpleasant comment appeared under one of the photos, the content of which certainly offended Mateusz’s wife.

“You have an unattractive wife and it looks somehow old” – wrote one of the Internet users.

It didn’t take long for Damięcki’s answer. The actor stood up for his beloved.

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