Matteo Salvini on social media: “Thank you”. The merciless comments: “But thanks to you! You convinced millions of Italians not to vote for you”, “Bella Matte, 0.7 out of 10 Italians love you”

The captain with no more troops, voters and with a few more hucksters. Also Matteo Salvini, and several Northern League deputies, toast on the social networks of the success of the center-right, but commentators compete to remind him of the bitter defeat percentage. After all, Salvini was the first among the political leaders in Italy to comment on the first exit polls: “Center-right ahead in the Chamber and the Senate. It will be a long night, but already now I want to say thank you“Complete with little hearts and emoticons. Except that with the passing of the minutes the League is over, card by card more and more Brothers of Italy, really under 10%nearly halving the votes of 2018 policies, e positioning itself at sidereal distances compared to 34% of the Europeans in 2019. Several followers report the blackouts to the captain, who obviously does not respond. Although some very gutless answers, but conceptually very clear, should be pointed out: they range from “but thank you for what you reduced yourself to being the Meloni toilet washer” to “we told you that to do Draghi’s ass licker on vaccines etc. you would have paid dearly “. And again: “You are at 10%. 3 years ago it was 34%. What time do you resign? ”,“ Thanks to you Matteo! You have convinced millions of Italian citizens not to vote for you ”,“ Bella Matteo, 0.7 out of 10 Italians love you ”,“ Beautiful figure of shit *. Congratulations ”,“ I got more votes when I was elected as a representative of the school ”.

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Victory of Brothers of Italy that goes, happy League that you find. Alberto Bagnaijust re-elected to his single-member constituency in Abruzzo, but certainly not with a Northern League lead (the Lega is 8% even surpassed by Forza Italia with 10%), celebrates the “victory” of the party and then even takes it out on the anti-system parties (at least from what can be interpreted from the encrypted anagrams of wetsuitism): “You have transformed these elections into a referendum on an obligation that does not exist, and that you will lose in any case. If you win, you can at most nibble seats in the only party that has tried to defend you. If you lose, you sanction the irrelevance of the issue “. The answer, at least on social media, is not long in coming, and it rains here too: “to 34% to 10% and do you speak as well?“; “You are frankly tired of NEVER self-criticism. It is always the fault of those who did not vote for you. But ask yourself two questions. That’s enough”; “We finally got there: the most classic of” the fault lies with the voters who do not understand. ” The transformation into the PD is complete“. Also the other sovereign soul of the League, Claudio Borghirattles off tweet after tweet about the single-member colleges of Tuscany won against the center-left (the League is at 6% with even Calenda exceeding it ndr), but commentators are in droves who report him with his feet on the ground of the national 9%: “Dear Mr. Borghi, do not speak openly about the sensational debacle of the League, especially where he has always dominated!”.

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