Matthijs van Nieuwkerk in the first – leaked – statement: ‘Do me a favor’

The original statement with which television presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk wanted to come out after the allegations about his misconduct behind the scenes of The world goes on leaked out. She shows little remorse.

The original version of the statement that the Dutch presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk (62) wanted to release last week has been leaked in the Dutch media. Among other The Telegraph message about it.

The statement in question was Van Nieuwkerk’s first response to the file of The Volkskrant about the abuses behind the scenes of The world goes on. The newspaper spoke with dozens of employees of the talk show. Their testimonies showed that Van Nieuwkerk’s outbursts of anger led to stress, a feeling of insecurity, burnouts and other serious psychological complaints.

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The tone of the talk show presenter is a lot sharper in the first, now leaked version than what eventually came out. That was also the reason that his bosses at the Public Broadcasting wanted another statement to be drawn up. NPO chairman Frederieke Leeflang and NPO director Frans Klein had urged Van Nieuwkerk to do so. The two top guys were present at the recordings of Top 2000 Quiz and spoke to Van Nieuwkerk about the situation, writing The Volkskrant in The Telegraph. They would have told Van Nieuwkerk that his statement contained nothing of regret. The two would then have advised the presenter to include an expression of regret in his statement.

External party

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The first version read: ‘The fact that we apparently could not give everyone a safe and reassured feeling has to do with the sharp scissors of ambition to make the best television in the country every day. I tried that for fifteen years.’ His response to the more concrete accusations was as follows: ‘What about the suggestion that I forced someone to their knees? And that I would have made Paris unsafe? Do me a favor.’

In the statement, he also lashes out at the two former editors-in-chief and expressed no remorse for his tyrannical behavior. He did in the second version. That lack of insight into regret also blew up the collaboration between Van Nieuwkerk and broadcaster BNNVara.

In the meantime, Van Nieuwkerk has expressed its willingness to participate in the investigation that the Dutch Public Broadcasting is having carried out into the working conditions behind the scenes of the program. The research is carried out by an external party, although NPO will remain the client. NPO director Klein has temporarily resigned his duties in view of the investigation.

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