Maurane: the secrets of her daughter Lou, 5 years after her death

This Sunday, May 7, it is just five years since Maurane left us. RTBF pays tribute to him through the documentary “Mô, Maurane in a thousand times” to be found on La Une this Sunday from 8:30 p.m. It will be prefaced by Bruno Tummers who had the opportunity to collect the testimony of his daughter Lou Villafranca.

It is always with emotion that Lou Villafranca, whose resemblance to her mother is striking, remembers her:

“Even though it’s been 5 years, it’s the kind of thing you never really quite get over. But it’s still a pleasure to reminisce.”

The one who materialized the posthumous album “Maurane sings Brel” with the pianist Philippe De Cock admits that his mother spoke to him little about his career: “It wasn’t a mom telling me about her career […] She was trying to separate the two.

Lou evokes “a quite strong dichotomy” between Claudine Luypaerts, the real name of the singer, and Maurane, the artist with the velvety voice so recognizable:

I suspect her of having preferred to be Maurane rather than Claudine. Maurane was her flamboyant character, it was the character in force and Claudine it was the return to reality, which is normal. We can’t tour, be on stage all the time, do interviews etc. She liked being at home, but not too long.

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