Mauricio Leal hairdresser: The stylist Mauricio Leal is found dead with his mother | Bogota

The entertainment guild is in mourning after meeting the death of stylist Mauricio Leal.

According to the first versions, Leal entered his residence around four in the afternoon on Tuesday (November 22) and asked his driver to wait for himHowever, realizing that several hours had passed, he went to the celebrity’s home where found the lifeless body of Leal next to that of his mother Marleny Hernández, 67 years old.

Mauricio Leal was one of the most recognized characters in the field of beauty in Colombia. Models, presenters, queens among other personalities passed through its room located north of Bogotá. The circumstances of her death, together with that of her mother, are the subject of investigation by the authorities.

The lifeless bodies were found in the Arboretto condominium, located on the road to La Calera. According to the authorities, when conducting the inspection of the property, there was no evidence of missing items.

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