Sport Maxi López will have to pay Wanda Nara 100...

Maxi López will have to pay Wanda Nara 100 euros a day!

Justice gave its verdict and Maxi López he will have to pay his ex-wife, Wanda Nara, 100 euros a day for food for your children. This was determined by Chamber II of the Civil and Commercial Chamber of the Buenos Aires town of San Isidro, which confirmed this determination by the Family Court judge. In this sense, the court classified the footballer as “constant maintenance debtor

López, who is the father of Valentino, Benedicto and Constantino (the oldest children of the media), had already appealed the court ruling that the House finally ratified. While Wanda’s lawyer, Ana Rosenfeld, Confirmed to El Trece that Maxi is more than a year behind in the food quota of her little ones. So much so, that the lawyer had requested its registration in the registry of delinquent parents.

The last short between Wanda and Maxi

Maxi López accused her ex a few weeks ago for breaking the mandatory isolation traveling with her children from Paris to Italy. “I would like to know under what criteria you break a quarantine of a pandemic, where everyone is asked not to go out and you expose our children to a trip from one country to another, you move and go to the epicenter (Lombardy) in Italy regardless of any kind of consequence “, he whipped her The front.

“What is going through your head right now when the most sacred thing you have in the world is the health of our children? I am outraged that you are not aware, if you do not want to do it for yourself, do it for them because today you are the mother of five creatures but it seems that you did not realize it, “she continued. While Wanda tried to explain herself and assured: “He accused me of bringing the children from Paris to Italy, at the heart of the pandemic. But Maxi knows very well where we live: I am not in Como, but in a town near Como, where there are very few cases. And here is my house, while in Paris I had to leave the one that was for rent because the contract expired. We also decided to return consulting with the pediatrician. ”

“From Paris all the players have gone to their countries. And now we are Italians, if something happens to me, I prefer that it happens to me here, in my house. My country is Italy, which gave me and gave us all the beautiful things we have, that’s why I want to stay here. I could also have taken a private flight to return to Argentina, but instead we took two vans from Paris, mine and Mauro’s (Icardi), we divided the children and we traveled 750 kilometers, nine and a half hours of travel, singing a billion songs non-stop. It was more risky to go to Argentina, ”argued the blonde.


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