Maxim Vitorgan considers Ksenia Sobchak "crazy mother"


00:38, 11/10/2018

In the early days of his acquaintance, the actor declared to his future wife that he would give birth to a child.

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Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan got married in February 2013 and in November 2016 the TV presenter gave birth to her husband Plato. Motherhood has changed a lot the star. She became a caring mother by a persuaded girl, who continues to satisfy her Instagram subscribers with new photos and videos with the child's participation. It is true that in the photographs and videos you almost never see the child's face. Many stars, posting photos of their young children, cover their faces with stickers or emoticons, fearing the evil eye. Ksenia prefers to remove the child from the back or in the profile just for safety reasons.

Ksenia Sobchak regularly uploads videos with her son on microblogging

This was confirmed by her husband, becoming a guest of the provocative show Irina Shikhman "And to talk?". When asked by the moderator, because his wife constantly uploads photos and videos of the child on the Internet, if he is scared for his safety, Vitorgan replies that there is no logic in his actions. "See what happens to her?" See what a crazy mother is? Do you think this is some kind of calculation? No. I tell her: "Finish", but she can not stop. His emotions are overflowing. This is absolutely irrational. A crazy mother and everything else has just turned out. But, to be honest, I always said it would be like that, "said the actor, and according to him, he and his wife really want to show the child's face because" he's beautiful like a god ".

Maxim Vitorgan with his newborn son

Maxim Vitorgan has admitted that already in the first days of his acquaintance he told his future wife that he would give birth to a child. From the beginning, the actor was sure that the TV presenter would be an excellent mother. He is surprised by people who regard Sobchak as a "cuckoo throwing his son". "What kind of cuckoo is she when she chases him constantly?" – Vitorgan is surprised.

Naturally, the presenter could not help asking Vitorgan to comment on the statement by the official representatives of Sobchak, who said that the TV presenter was expecting a second child. "Maybe not from me? Maybe they did not warn me?" Vitorgan laughed and assured that in the near future there would be no new members in the star family.

Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak

At the end of September, Ksenia Sobchak, who intends to compete for the office of governor of his hometown, St. Petersburg, commented on the rumors about her pregnancy, saying she would have a child before the following elections: "I think it would be unfair go to the presidential elections of a pregnant woman Imagine, I would like to become the president of Russia And it turns out, this maternity leave for three years on taxpayers' money, I would not be fired, I would still get paid So see, I did not win this election, so I can safely get pregnant before the next governor ".

Ksenia Sobchak with his son Plato

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