Sport Maximiliano Levy, the former Barrabrava from Boca who is...

Maximiliano Levy, the former Barrabrava from Boca who is now part of the AFA’s small table

Until July last year, Maximiliano Levy formed the curious case of the president of a club that could not attend the field. Elected in January 2019 as the head of Almirante Brown, one of the most popular teams in the Primera B Metropolitana, he was prohibited from attending stadiums due to an Aprevide decision that forced him to watch games on television. The situation changed since he was elected president of the category table: Justice dismissed him and the veto was lifted. Not only that: in the elections in which Claudio Chiqui Tapia was re-elected as president until 2025 on Tuesday, he was part of the winning list and will now form the AFA Executive Committee. From La Doce to the small table of Argentine soccer, although with some scales.

A clarification is important: even in his days as a member of the bar – he moved away since Rafael Di Zeo and Mauro Martín returned to power – Levy showed a profile very different from that of the violent paraavalanches. More prone to dialogue and diplomacy, he was chosen when trying to clean the profile of the fans before a microphone. Even so, he could not avoid that at some point Justice pointed at him.

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During 2013, Levy was arrested when he returned from watching a Boca match in Ecuador for alleged aggravated cover-up of Maximiliano Mazzaro, then one of the leaders of the bar, since he was a fugitive from justice. Mazzaro had been charged with the murder of Ernesto Cirino, a Liniers neighbor who was beaten to death the night of August 29, 2011 after a domestic argument with Boca bars.

Levy’s relationship with Mazzaro had a long history: the one who later became the head of the bar, went to eat at El Altillo, a restaurant that was owned by Levy, after playing basketball at the Hurricane club in San Justo. They also shared the Admiral Brown rostrum. There the friendship began.

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That same relationship, which took him to prison for almost three months, tried to be the argument for achieving freedom. Levy’s lawyer verified the friendship between the accused and the fugitive, a situation contemplated by subsection 4 of article 277 of the Penal Code, which establishes that the crime of concealment should not be applied in case the accused are spouses, parents , children, siblings or cousins ​​of the people they helped. This figure also includes close friends. This argument was also used at the time by Pablo Migliore, who was also imprisoned for cover-up in that case. Levy was finally released when Justice believed that he could no longer help Mazzaro escape. He spent 88 days in prison and was also unscathed from an investigation against him for movements in the deposits of his bank accounts after the Xeneize games.

And he had been away from the news until the end of 2018, during the frustrated decisive meeting between River and Boca at the Monumental. Levy gave the note, amid the scandal over the attack by River fans on the Boca bus, when he showed himself on social networks in the stands of the Monumental on November 24.

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Maximiliano Levy, former Boca bar and new president of the B Metro, had his admission rights lifted

At the time there was talk of infiltrators from La Doce in Núñez and some even speculated that everything had been “armed” by the Boca bar. But Levy himself came out to deny it. He told on social networks that he went to accompany his partner, a fan of the Millionaire, and that he had already done it in the final with Tigres, in 2015.

In 2018, Levy returned to his first love, Admiral Brown. At Isidro Casanova’s club he took power from one of the factions of the bar (there has been a strong division in the fans for decades) and joined the club in the Professional Soccer Secretariat. Already in January 2019, he won the elections for the group “Por Siempre Brown” (he drew 402 votes) that prevailed in the elections against the “Centennial Association” list, led by Walter Campodónico.

In his AFA career he also climbed fast and soon afterwards reached the highest position in the category. In a conduction like that of Tapia, which makes the link with Ascension one of its main strengths – he himself was until recently the president of Barracas Central – Levy is one of the pillars on which his power is based and his position is that of executive deputy secretary of management that will continue until 2025. A situation that would have been very difficult to imagine when almost seven years ago he spent his days in prison.


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