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Maximo Kirchner joins the JxC intern: The president of Rodríguez Larreta’s party is Patricia Bullrich

The president of Rodríguez Larreta’s party is Patricia Bullrich and we all know the statements she has made regarding the figure of the president (Alberto Fernández) and various members of the Front of All”, Affirmed the deputy in radio statements.

Kirchner once again aimed his official sights on the previous government, stating that “the only thing that the pandemic did was aggravate and deepen the problems generated by macrismo“.

“If the presidents of the two main political spaces, and the third, which is the Civic Coalition, which make up the macrismo, have these kinds of expressions, then perhaps because of the communication advice they receive, they make speeches of ‘we want to help’ but one sees that does not happen. Therein lies the problem ”, he remarked.

Kirchner also reviewed the main issues surrounding the government of Alberto Fernández and linked the criticism “to some sectors of power in Argentina that are unhappy about the electoral result“, which is why, he estimated,” they arrive at this type of analysis by other forced “.


The official leader remarked that “the unemployment figures worry “the ruling party, but stressed that” the Government has taken measures, like the IFE and the ATP, to mitigate a situation that was not desired and that was inevitable “.

“But here the former president (Mauricio Macri) justified the Argentine debt because the Turkish Lira had moved somewhere in the world,” he challenged.

Kirchner stressed that the current government must face the situation “Even with the problems left by macrismo with its old policies that have already been shown to not work in Argentina and a pandemic that aggravated it”, He reaffirmed.

Regarding the future, the deputy stressed that “with the will of the Argentines and Argentines we are trying to move Argentina forward. We have a hardworking people, Argentines are going to stay in their country, we are going to move it forward and build a better future together ”

Finally he referred to the crack: “The agreements of the political forces have to include society. People’s quality of life must be improved. The dialogue has to be conducive and mature, not dialogue as something that by itself improves people’s quality of life. It has to have a goal “



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