Maxus Euniq 5 – Lures with six seats and larger battery at a budget price

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(Elbil24): Maxus was among the first Chinese car brands to come to Norway in large numbers, first with vans (where Norway Post is among the customers), later also in the passenger car market with the large seven-seater Euniq5 – which can also be delivered as a two-seater van .

One of the world’s largest

Behind the brand is the giant SAIC Motor, one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, which also produces MG. The latter is the Chinese car brand that has so far sold the most copies in Norway – first and foremost thanks to the affordable electric SUV MG ZS EV.

However, Euniq 5 has not been a big seller so far. According to, only a total of 380 copies were registered in Norway during 2021.

One of the complaints against the car has been a somewhat short range, but now the car comes in an upgraded version with a larger battery pack – and as six-seater in addition to the two- and seven-seater versions.

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Plenty of room for everyone

The six-seater is delivered with a 2 + 2 + 2-seater solution, and thanks to the spacious cabin, there is thus plenty of room for each passenger. The two rear seats can also be folded down so that you get extra large luggage space.

The range with the new 70 kWh battery pack is stated to be 345 kilometers measured according to the WLTP standard (85 kilometers longer than the existing version), and 420 kilometers for exclusively city driving at lower speeds.

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Charging speed is still moderate; Maxus states that the battery can be quickly charged from 35 to 80 percent in 35 minutes.

Euniq 5 6-seater will have a suggested retail price of NOK 419,900, we are informed by the Norwegian importer. It is 20,000 kroner more than for the seven-seater with a smaller battery, but still appears to be favorable, all things considered.

– The first cars of this edition will arrive during January, and will be ready for delivery quickly, says sales manager at Maxus Norway, Bernhard Jahnsen.

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New models on the way

Later one must also heavy, electric pickup and a large spacious SUV, Euniq 6, find their way to Norway. The latter will arrive as early as March, which the Norwegian importer also hopes can contribute to good Maxus sales in the passenger car market.

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