May before the retreat: British expect the resignation


LondonThe British Prime Minister Theresa May has often been under pressure and had to fend off demands for resignation. But this time it actually seems to be so far: In the coming days, the head of government wants to announce her resignation, several newspapers report.

According to the Financial Times, her party expects Theresa May to be out of office within days. The Times reports that the prime minister wants to resign on Friday after meeting with an important representative of her party. This meeting is said to be the last chance for Theresa May to go on her own “instead of being forced to resign,” reports the Spectator. According to “Telegraph” but also speculated that she announces her decision on Monday.

On Wednesday, the situation in Britain had escalated: ministers had rebelled because they did not agree with the proposals of Theresa May for the further Brexit course. Your group leader Andrea Leadsom resigned in the evening. Leadsom should have actually brought in the bill presented by the Prime Minister Brexit on Friday in Parliament. Since that can not happen, now the entire further schedule of the Prime Minister has faltered. A successor to Andrea Leadsom has not yet been appointed.

Even the Prime Minister admitted publicly on Wednesday that her days in office were numbered. “In due course another PM will be here in Parliament,” she said during her weekly performance in the House of Commons.

“But as long as I'm here, I have a duty to clarify the facts to Parliament. If we want to pull through Brexit, we have to say goodbye to a Brexit deal. “

This Thursday, the European elections will take place in the UK. The conservative Tory party is likely to suffer a nasty defeat, in polls, it is far behind in fifth place.

“The sofa pushed out the door”

At the top is the Brexit party. That should increase the pressure on Theresa May. But at the same time, it seems that the prime minister will spend a few hours more time: because of the so-called Purdah rules, politicians are restricted in the period before and during elections.

Political Professor Anand Menon of London think tank will not be long before the prime minister resigns – even though MPs are teasing that the head of the government has entrenched herself in their office at number 10 on Downing Street: Brexit supporter Iain Duncan Smith is said to have “pushed the sofa out the door.”

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