May God work for you as you do for me

Scriptwriter Tamer Habib sparked widespread controversy on social media because of the way he congratulated singer Angham on her 51st birthday, which she celebrated on January 19.

Tamer Habib Angham: May God do for you as you do for me

Habib, through the feature of comics attached to his official account on the photo and video exchange site “Instagram”, published a picture of him accompanied by Angham, and commented on it, saying: “May God work for you as you do with me, sweetheart .. I wish you 100 years of joy and here.”

The pioneers of social networking sites mocked the comment that Habib attached to the photo, and some asked him to choose the appropriate words to express his feelings.

The director, Enas El Degheidy, caused a sensation because of the statements she made on the sidelines of her attendance at a press conference, where she said: “Tamer Habib, I love him because he is a beautiful personality and close to all of us, and we all love Tamer Habib. I marry you, I mean, but by God, Tamer is a beautiful personality.”

And she added: “Look, Tamer has a personality for her, of course, for sure. Tamer Habib may have a special personality for himself, his life, his makeup, and his purchase..but he is in dealings with people. Why do we always look for needs, which means that we do not belong to us, I mean, look today. Do you know what.. I see these issues, everyone is free, it is not normal if it happened and you found someone you would not know to reject even if you rejected it.

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