“Maybe I'm going on tour with a donkey”


Sting has written songs against despots and hymns for torture victims. Now he has been honored for that. A conversation about burning primeval forests, climate-neutral concerts and the crisis of democracy. (t) John (t) Johnson (t) Boris (t) Sting (t) (musician) (t) Scholz-Martin (t) Trump (t) Donald (born 1946) (t) Bolsonaro (t) Jair (t) Fires (t) Amazon (t) Raoni (t) Boris Johnson (t) Alexanderplatz (t) Rainforest Foundation (t) Brazil (t) Music (t) Europe (t) International Music Award (t ) Dresden (t) Newcastle (t) New York (t) Brexit (t) Axel Springer Mediahouse (t) A Bottle (t) United Kingdom (t) California (t) Australia


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