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“Maybe we’ll have to go back to the state of emergency”, said the angolan police

The a spokesman for the National Police, Valdemar Jose, called attention to the increase in the number of cases of a new coronaviruses in Angola, which announced today that it has more than 15 infectedtotal is now 259, and pointed to situations in which the failure to comply with the rules, which can raise the risk of infection.

The deputy commissioner, who was speaking at a press conference in Luanda, following the daily balance of the situation the pandemic in Angola, he stressed that there continues to be a lack of respect for the “civic duty” gathering home, “is a failure on the part of many of our citizens.

“Maybe we’ll have to get back to a state of emergency, we may need to go back to the shelter, or that they have to take more severe measures”, informed the deputy commissioner, who underlined that the non-compliance, which may result in an increase of contagions, it is not the responsibility of the State or of the health authorities.

Valdemar Jose gave a number of examples of the violation of the rules all by the government, such as sports halls, which will open in a clandestine manner, and the restaurants that do not abide by the measures of remoteness, in the parties outside of the home, with more than 50 people, the street vendors who sell on the days and at the times that you are not allowed to, people on the beaches when you are only going to open up on the 15th August or the church that is in excess of the limits of the capacity.

The speaker announced that, on the other hand, it has been delayed in the resumption of the visits to the establishments prison in Luanda, angola, that was supposed to happen on the Monday, without giving a new date.

Angola has seen an accelerating number of new cases in the last two weeks, with a record of 90 infectionand announced on Friday, with a record number of 32 new infected the virus that causes the disease covid-19.

In the last 24 hours have been recorded more than 15 cases, bringing the total number to 259, of which 31 are not linked to epidemiological provisions.

The the pandemic the covid-19 has already resulted in more than 494 thousand in killed and infected most of 9,82 million people in 196 countries and territories, according to an evaluation made by the French agency for AFP.

The disease is transmitted by a new one coronaviruses the discovery of at the end of the Decemberin Xi’ana city of central China.

In Africathere 9.250 confirmed dead in a nearly 360-thousand infected in 54 countries, according to the most recent statistics on the the pandemic on the continent.

Among the african countries that have Portuguese as an official language of the democratic republic of the congo leads the way in the number of infection and the dead (2.001 cases and 32 deaths), followed by Guinea-Bissau (1.614 cases and 21 deaths), Cape Verde (1.027 cases and nine deaths), Mozambique (816 cases and five deaths), and São Tomé and Príncipe (711 cases and 13 deaths) and Angola (259 infected and 10 dead).

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