Mayor closes Brantano store in Mechelen-South because people do not keep their distance

For mayor Vandersmissen the time is full. Since neither the trustee nor the auction house organizing the sale has drawn up a security plan to address the problems, he takes the initiative himself and has the branch in Mechelen-South closed.

“I fully understand the situation in which the shops are located and my concern is mainly with the fate of the staff,” says Vandersmissen. “But when public health comes under pressure due to a lack of resources and cooperation from the curator must act. Until the implementation of structural measures, Brantano Mechelen-South will remain closed in the context of public safety and health. ”

“The Brantano site in Mechelen-Noord remained closed on their own initiative for the past two days, but they too must take the necessary measures to comply with the applicable corona rules,” warns the mayor. “If this does not happen, we will not fail to close this establishment as well.”

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