Mayor Delgado calls to arrive in time to terminals: “The lines will be important”

This Monday the permit for travel between regions began to function, which will allow thousands of people to move in zones that are in Phase 3 or more, of the Step by Step plan.

A commune that will not only be affected by this new permit, but also because this Monday entered the Preparation stage, is Central Station.

In this commune are the main bus terminals in the Metropolitan Region, so from this morning already began to see a large number of people.

In conversation with CHV Noticias and CNN Chile, Mayor Rodrigo Delgado, said “Permission is as if they put one more phase on us”, in relation to the increase in the transit of people.

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This is why the communal chief asked for an increase in supervision at the terminals. In addition, he said that will change the closing time to 22:00.

“We don’t know how many people will pass through here, this is something unprecedented, it is not like a normal long weekend”, he pointed.

For this reason, he called for those who make this type of trip arrive at least an hour or an hour and a half early to the terminal, ensuring that “The lines this week will be important.”

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“There are many doubts, but the call is that they do not come to the terminal without clarifying their doubtsā€¯Delgado added.

It should be remembered that, to make these trips the permit, the procedure must be done through the Virtual Police Station at most 24 hours in advance, indicating the place of origin and destination. Further, the health passport must be up to date.


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