The mayor of Iquique, Mauricio Soria, sent a letter to President Sebastián Piñera expressing his concern about the immigration situation in the Tarapacá region and the entry of foreigners through clandestine passages in recent weeks.

The communal authority indicated that since the beginning of July it alerted government officials, such as the undersecretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco Galli, about the repeated entry of foreigners in clandestine passages.

“It was on July 2 of the current year, in a virtual meeting of the Tactical Police Operation System (STOP), where Mayor Soria Macchiavello already warned the Undersecretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco Galli, about the concern that existed in the regional capital due to the considerable number of foreign citizens who were in transit through our commune, ”says the statement from the Municipality of Iquique.

According to Soria, the situation in the Tarapacá region exceeds the management capacities of a municipality, so they consider that they should communicate directly with the president.

“This situation is no longer resolved at the regional level and special treatment, from the State, is required for a border area like ours and that, in the context of this pandemic, may be exposed to this situation on repeated occasions. With all the more reason, when we have been in Quarantine for more than 130 days and it is urgent that we begin to reactivate our economy and jobs, ”said Soria.

In the letter sent to La Moneda, Soria indicates that “it is up to the State of Chile and the governments in power to protect our borders and safeguard our security.”

In addition, it indicates that the Northern Border Plan has specialized personnel and modern technology, “therefore, it seems inconceivable how our border has been violated.”

“The security of the nation and the health of our population are in their hands, in those of the Minister of the Interior and in the regional commands. We hope that you can immediately resume control of our border, ”the letter ends.


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